The Selfish Generation

by Under the Bodhi Tree

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Have you ever seen things a little different? Not quite felt at right with the world as it is? Seen things and thought… I can do better than that… Yet no one sees it. There used to be a term for these individuals, back in the day before the special snowflake, these people were outcasted from society as freaks. Relegated to the basements and dives where they learned and created in agonizing ecstasy. From the beats of the 50s to the punks of the 70s to the underground of the 90s, these individuals have endured and created some of the most prolific art of the modern era. They fought tooth and nail with fingers raised claiming their space in history. They did not care about ‘likes’ or ‘retweets’ they cared about making connections with people, with expanding their world, with marking the margins of history books with their stories.

I’d rather be dead than cool’ What is cool? Is cool on a cover of Rolling Stone? Is cool about how many Twitter followers you have? Is cool about being better than everyone around? No, that is a dick. Being cool is about being true to yourself. About doing the things you love to do because without them, the world would be a less fun. About not taking no for an answer. Persevering through the hard matter how many times they say it. It is about parts, through the longing, through the long hours and late nights to see the possibilities on the other side. That is what being a Freak is about. That is what Freak Media is about! What are the possibilities of life? What can we do with our own two hands and a little innovation! So fuck what the haters want to say! Do what you love and say fuck the rest.


released February 12, 2016

Paul Depew - Writing, Singer, Guitar
Duncan Newland-Thompson - Drums
Jaymic Volz - Bass

Connor M for 'Going to the Library'
Danny O for 'The Slefish Generation'

Art By Paul Depew



all rights reserved


Under the Bodhi Tree Seattle, Washington

We are just a couple of musicians from Seattle trying to live out the old Grunge tradition of playing music we feel is the best. With influences from a range of artists including Red hot Chili Peppers to Nirvana to The Beatles.

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